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Let your team to work effectively.

The project goes well, when people communicate with each other.

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Projects and Teams

Share projects, create project teams, delegate tasks and track progress online. Gather your team together, define what's important and collaborate until projects are done.


Define high-level requirements with initial estimates. Prioritize and schedule requirements for each milestone. Allocate requirements to iterations based on detailed task estimates.


Decompose requirements into detailed task breakdown. With TaskFlip, you can assign tasks to staff, coworkers and contractors in a second.


Everyone who's connected to a task or requirement is immediately notified about modifications via e-mail or jabber.

What is TaskFlip

It's beautifully designed and incredibly easy to use web-based collaboration software. TaskFlip is hosted application for you team and you don't need to worry about servers or software updates. New features are automatically rolled out and everyone stays in sync. And because it's web based, you can access TaskFlip from anywhere with an internet connection. TaskFlip is ready to use as soon as you create an account.

Who is it for?

TaskFlip is designed for freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams from a variety of industries including IT specialists, developers, designers, architects, lawyers, accountants, non-profits, state and local government and universities. TaskFlip is the perfect tool for individuals and teams who need to manage projects effectively.

Why use TaskFlip?

Our developers follow the example of Apple company and build the TaskFlip from the start to do it in the most intuitive and simple form. You don't need a diploma from Information Technology to use its full potential...
Just concentrate yourself on a project, not its managing tool. Set up your own process, use agile management. Quick and Simple!

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